Esports have a lot in common with football. Major tournaments gather stadiums, the best players create beautiful moments and become legends, fans happily buy up the symbols of star teams, bookmakers accept bets. Now esports is in eighth place in terms of the number of bets, and by 2018 it will overtake football, analysts say.

Like any new niche, e-sports attracts with its democracy. Cyber ​​tournaments are a fresh and uncluttered communication channel with still adequate advertising rates. A fan of the football team will never become a professional footballer, and in e-sports anyone can try their hand at winning a prize in amateur competitions. It’s like a TV show on talent search – viewers love to watch the success of ordinary guys.

“Gamers are interested in watching cybersportsmen in order to apply their tactics in their own game,” reflects the head of the cyber bet esports bookmaker. “This is what separates esports from traditional sports. Football is not watched in order to beat someone in the yard. In addition, the e-sports scene attracts with its unpredictability – unlike football, where it is usually immediately clear who will win. ”

Many are convinced that in a few years, esports will take the place of football in people’s hearts. While the game of Russian footballers rarely pleases the fans, Russian cybersportsmen win striking victories in international competitions. Maybe that’s why cyber teams have a lot of influence on social networks. The Russian multi-gaming teams Virtus.pro, Empire, Hellraisers, Vega Squadron, Moscow Five and the Ukrainian Natus Vincere (NaVi) are sometimes called “Spartacus in the world of esports.” Football clubs have already woken up and have begun to form their own cyber teams. For example, Spartak recently signed a contract with the popular FIFA player Sergei Nikiforov.

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